Enhancing patient safety through medical labeling solutions

May 14, 2024

The use of medical labels significantly contributes to patient safety within healthcare settings. However, these labels must function effectively at all times, even under highly complex and extreme conditions.

• Blood tubes with very narrow radii;
• Blood and infusion bags where the adhesive must not migrate into the bag material to prevent contamination of the contents;
• Instrument sterilization using steam, gamma radiation, ethylene oxide, or other sterilization methods;
• Labeling for cryogenic applications involving very low temperatures.

These are just a few examples, but in all cases, it is crucial that the labels remain securely attached and legible. This makes the development of medical labels highly customized and places high demands on the materials used and the production process.

Global Specialist
Our German parent company, Diagramm Halbach, is recognized as a specialist in the field of (medical) printing products and has been serving hospitals, pharmacies, pharmaceutical companies, and laboratories both domestically and internationally for many years. With our combined decades of experience, we understand the complexity and stringent requirements placed on product and quality within healthcare like no other. 

At Halbach Medical, you can find the label and tag products used within the Dutch healthcare system. From a single roll to complete labeling solutions, they all fully comply with the quality standards and practical requirements demanded by these labels.

A little selection from our product range:

• Medication labels
• Syringe pump labels
• Labels for laboratory use
• Labels for sterilization and autoclave
• Patient identification labels, from admission to discharge
• Trauma center labels
• And many other applications

Labels Voor De Gezondheidszorg Rollen

Patient Safety and Quality

Patient safety and quality are the top priorities throughout the entire Halbach group. All medical labels are developed and manufactured in Diagramm Halbach's own printing facilities, ensuring continuous control over all steps within the production process. Label solutions for the pharmaceutical industry are manufactured according to GMP, if necessary with an additional 100% quality control. All types of labels undergo extensive testing, both in a secure testing environment and in practice. And in terms of quality management, Diagramm Halbach is officially ISO9001 and ISO13485 certified.

Expert Advice and Support

Developing a labeling system often requires close collaboration with the customer. Thanks to our experience and specialized technical knowledge, we can provide extensive advice and guidance throughout the entire process. But even if you're interested in one or a few individual products, we are happy to inform you about the technical possibilities and advise you on the right product and material choices. Please feel free to contact us for more information. 

Medische Medicijnetiketten En Spuitenetiketten Halbach Medical