Conduction as its best

April 15, 2024

A good electrolyte spray is essential for medical applications such as ECG/EEG diagnostics and muscle stimulation. We offer 2 excellent options: Parker Signaspray and Clinical Electrode Spray.

Parker Signaspray®: for exceptional conductivity
Parker Signaspray is the ideal electrolyte for use with muscle stimulation equipment. This electrode solution is known for its excellent conductivity and is not only effective, but also hygienic and easy to use. Parker Signaspray is bacteriostatic and leaves no stains, perfectly prepares the skin without grittiness, and leaves no residual product after use. Moreover, it is easy to apply and clean. Please note that Signaspray is not suitable for defibrillation.

Clinical Electrode Spray: for sensitive skin and various applications
Clinical Electrode Spray is the ideal choice for ECG/EEG diagnostics. What makes this spray special is its hypoallergenic formula. This makes it also suitable for patients with sensitive skin. In addition, Clinical Electrode Spray is water-soluble, dries quickly and is odorless. After use it is easy to remove without residue.

Both sprays are available in a 250ml spray bottle and a bulk pack of 3.8 (Parker Signaspray) respectively. 2 and 5 liters (Clinical).

Do you have questions?
Please feel free to contact us for more information. Or take a look at the productpages of Parker SignaSpray en/of Clinical Electrode Spray.