The numbers tell the tale

August 17, 2022

Half a century ago, the results of measurements were recorded on recording paper. Today, however, much has been digitized and the registration paper is of minor importance. What has remained: confidence in the expertise and reliability within the recording of medical diagnostics.

To this end, our organization has now focused on the sales of medical diagnostic products such as:

  • Blood pressure cuffs
  • CTG belts
  • ECG electrodes
  • Ear funnels for otoscopes
  • Ultrasound gel
  • Master cables for monitors

In short, too many to mention. It concerns many products that are used to ultimately record the expert results of medical research. In that respect, little has really changed.

What has not changed and will not change in the next 50 years is the reliability and expertise with which we remain at your service. In the past, now, in difficult times and in the future.