New brochure: Clinical ECG Electrodes

December 19, 2022

The aftermath of the Corona pandemic and the consequences of the Russian invasion of Ukraine have led to a large number of consequences that we are confronted with every day.

Apart from substantial price increases and a major shortage of raw materials, there is also a problem with the staffing of production capacity. This has led and continues to lead to major shortages of healthcare products. Also in the field of cardiology we see continuity problems arise and we see more backorders on ECG electrodes.

Halbach Medical occupies a unique place in the field of medical diagnostics and is fortunately still able to supply its own Clinical electrodes. The right electrode for every indication.

In order to guarantee continuity for our customers, we are now introducing our conversion overview, where you can see in an overview whether an unavailable electrode is still available at the most favorable conditions. 

We are proud to continue to guarantee continuity even in difficult times.

View our new brochure (conversion overview)

Halbach Medical   Brochure Ecg Electrodes