Druglabels for hospitals

November 1, 2022

In the operating department, through anesthesia, in the intensive care unit and in the emergency department, large amounts of medication are administered every day. Unfortunately, mistakes are still being made in the parenteral administration of medicines in particular by syringe. This often has to do with not using a uniform color coding according to the international ISO standard. Uniform labeling of medications and syringes using drug labels is an important tool to lower the risk of medication errors.

The importance of labeling

Data from an incident analysis show that when ISO labeling is used, there are almost only swaps of drugs with the same mechanism of action, while when using random labeling, there were much more frequent mix-ups with different drug groups. These data suggest that with unambiguous labeling, there is further room to reduce medication errors and thus improve patient safety.

Druglabels from Halbach Medical

Halbach Medical has been producing medicine labels that comply with the international ISO standard for many years, while also incorporating the so-called Tall Man Lettering principle. Capital letters are used for parts of the drug name that correspond to other medication names.

Examples include:

  • SUFentanil versus FentaNYL 
  • DOPamine versusDOBUTamine

New: Labels for the syringe pump

In addition to regular medicine labels, Halbach also offers syringe labels for the administration of medicines via the syringe pump. Often several syringe pumps are used in the administration of a multitude of medicines. In the ICU, the rule rather than the exception. The lines of the syringe pumps then often form a tangle of wires, where it is no longer entirely clear which line belongs to which syringe. By using Puls Combi labels, the bottom of the label can be detached with the correct color and text and stuck on the relevant administration line, while the label itself is attached to the relevant syringe. This ensures clarity and safety.

Easy to use

Of course, the ease of use is also important. After all, you want to keep an orderly situation and a tidy hygienic workplace. To this end, the medicine labels on rolls are available in the different sizes and each roll has its own dispenser. All dispensers can be mounted on a mounting strip, making it easy to use without any hassle.

Would you like more information about Halbach Medical's medicine and/or syringe labels? Feel free to contact us. We are happy to tell you more about it.